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A true American Christian Hero

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Now thats a true soldier. Free burma rangers free watch 2016. Ways to Volunteer with the FBR FINANCE Handles FBR finances – income: proposals, donations, grants projects. outflow: everyday cash flow, monthly expenses, creating financial reports, and donor relations. GOOD LIFE CLUB (GLC) FBRs program for mothers and children: plans curriculum, trains GLC counselors, conducts education assessments in villages visited, supplies GLC counselors and the school tour, corresponds with project supporters. INFORMATION Manages incoming information from the teams, including photos, video and hard data. Collates statistics for human rights documentation and creates reports for dissemination as well as gathering information to be given out to media. Plans reporting curriculum for team reporters. LOGISTICS Responsible for supplying mission and trainings, including receiving and tracking supply orders from the field, purchasing, packing and transporting, as well as transporting people to and from trainings. MEDICAL Manages medical trainings and supplies, as well as patient care. Gathers, collates and analyzes medical data from FBRs areas of operation to create reports for outside dissemination as well as for the purpose of improving the medical program. OFFICE/PERSONNEL Manages the office, including facilities and helping to coordinate volunteer staff on a day-to-day basis. PUBLICATIONS Manages creation of material for dissemination, including printed matter and videos.

You make America Look good. (Sad we don't have the leadership to justify your courage.
God bless you.
What a mighty, all powerful, graceful, and loving God we serve! Hallelujah! Praise youre Holy and Righteous Name Lord Jesus! Thank you for giving me hope in that not all of humanity has gone reprobate and evil! Dave! Thank you sir! Thank you and your family and all of the men and women involved in this righteous selfless example on how Christ Jesus has instructed and commanded of us to live our lives with a heart filled with Godly love, and humility! I honestly cant even truly articulate how grateful this makes me and how humbled this has made me! Thank you Lord God, thank you Jesus! Im sending my love, aderation, and mountains and mountains of prayers and Im spreading the word for people to do the same. THIS HAS GOT TO GET OUT TO THE MASSES! May God and mighty warrior Arch angels, legions upon legions magnified and multiplied to numbers unmeasurable and out of human grasp or understanding protect and fight evil spirits and entities that seek to destroy this anointing from God, may hedges of thorns for protection at all times surround you akd your family and teams of free Burma rangers to carry out this crusade and mission from the most high! In Jesus name Amen! Semper Fidelis.
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Free Burma Rangers Free watch online. Free Burma Rangers Free watching. 2:17. if that's not the most American thing I've seen idk what is. Red, white and blue shirt with a cowboy hat. Please let me knw how can i help them Im From north east India 🇮🇳Manipur near by Burma 🇲🇲. One of the most daring, heroic and humanitarian act of velour. Thank you, God bless you all.

Free Burma Rangers you all are incredible. Ill always have your back

Free burma rangers free watch download. Free Burma Rangers Free watch the trailer. Free burma rangers free watch 2017. Free Burma Rangers Free watch now. Free Burma Rangers Free. Free Burma Rangers Free watchers. A somber Dave Eubank, founder of the Free Burma Rangers (FBR) told Rojova Information Center that volunteer medic and camera person Zhao Sang died today from Turkish shelling. Right after the October 9 th Turkish invasion of Northeast Syria, Eubanks team of combat medics, camera persons and humanitarian volunteers have worked on the front lines.  At great risk to their own lives, they rescued the wounded, provided practical aid to those displaced by this war and comforted those in harms way. Despite Sangs death, Eubank's vowed that their mission of mercy would remain: “Well stay here and keep speaking about this zone of invasion, this zone of death, that Turkey and their proxies, jihadists and others, have launched. ” Volunteer medic & camera person Zhao Sang was killed today by Turkish shelling, DaveEubankFBR of @FreeBurmaRangrs tells @RojavaIC: Well stay here & keep speaking about this zone of invasion, this zone of death, that Turkey & their proxies, jihadists & others, have launched. " — Rojava Information Center ( RojavaIC) November 3, 2019 For weeks, Eubank has been sounding the alarm that there has been no ceasefire and warned of jihadists who have been ethnically cleansing part of Northeast Syria. He told CBN News one week ago, “Theres no cease fire and I wish the world would finally admit it. ” CBNs Chuck Holton spent time with Eubank and his FBR team earlier and filed these reports about the real situation on the front lines. Sangs death proves what Eubank has been saying for weeks that there is no cease fire in this strategic part of Northeast Syria.  Turkish led jihadist troops have now pushed their way just a few miles away from the strategic town of Tel Tamer, home to many Christians and other religious minorities. Many have already fled, and it appears to be a deliberate strategy of ethnic cleansing by these jihadists.  Earlier in the town of Ras al Ain, the jihadists told Christians they had orders not to kill them but they confiscated their land. This strategy has been termed “soft ethnic cleansing” since when you have no land, you lose your livelihood and most simply leave. Eubank and others have also called for the US to return to the area, stop this Turkish invasion and at the very least impose a no-fly zone. Please pray for the family of Zhao Sang as well as Dave Eubank and the entire FBR team. News Articles Thousands Gave Their Lives to Christ at Kanye West's Latest 'Sunday Service' in Baton Rouge» «President Trump's Whistleblower Accuser to Come Forward, but Only in Writing.

Free burma rangers free watch live. Free Burma Rangers Free watch tv. Free burma rangers free watch live stream. I love you guys and all you do. just a little tip for the video though, the forced smiles are a bit cringy. You guys are truly blessed for what you have done but at least you can go on and live another day with the aid and relief work you guys do. Free burma rangers free watch full. Synopsis Free Burma Rangers is a documentary film exploring the extraordinary 20-year journey of missionaries Dave and Karen Eubank. The film follows Dave, Karen, and their three young children, as they venture into war zones where they are fighting to bring hope. Dave Eubank is a rare hero of the faith. He is a former U. S. Special Forces soldier turned missionary to conflict zones. The film is a real-life adventure movie. Viewers will follow the family into firefights, heroic rescues, and experience life-changing ministry. In the midst of this unprecedented journey, you will witness amazing lessons of faith from one of the most inspiring families in the world - Feb 24 & 25 only.

Good to see youre outta Syria, too dangerous there. Keep up the good fight. Awesome vid! Looks like a jungley and remote area. Kind of a dangerous place too. God be with you and u. Free burma rangers free watch now. Oh,great job... Free Burma Rangers Free watch dogs. عندهم غير البعض من الغرب الله يحرسهم ويهديهم على سراط المستقيم.

Thank God for his living Son Jesus who is above all powers. Jesus is the way the truth and light to reach the father (GOD) moha -mad, died and was buried in mecca. lol. JESUS ACCENDED IN TO HEAVEN.  HALLELUJA.  I don't worship a dead prophet and god. lol. that is why JESUS IS THE KING. LORD OF LORD AMEN. HE DID MIRACLES AND, HEALED THE SICK etc    moha-mad, didn't. do any thing to show, but to marry  a little girl. Koran 33;50. praise JESUS THE LIVING SON OF GOD. muslims don't like to here that. any religion, persons and institution against JESUS CHRIST, is called anti CHRIST. Respect from soliders: bro.

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